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Here is the part of our site where we could nerd out and brag about all the expensive HD camera and lighting equipment we own, but really it’s not about the equipment at all. Don’t get us wrong, we spend alot on equipment just ask our CEO :) We follow the trends and seem to switch cameras and formats every few years just like everyone else. This past year we flew out to NAB (video nerd tradeshow) and found all kinds of new toys to buy. Seriously, the equipment is fun but it’s not what makes videos great. Creative people and experience make great videos – we have both.

Some of the great tools that the crew at Bclip uses to produce fantastic videos includes:

  • RED Camera package Large Chip Cine Style HD Movie Camera
  • Canon EOS C100 Large Chip Cine Style HD Movie Camera
  • Panasonic AF100 Large Chip Cine Style HD Movie Camera
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR Camera
  • Sony EX3 Industrial/Event Style Video Camera
  • Panasonic HMC150 Mini HD “Run-n-Gun” style Video Camera
  • Panasonic GH1 DSLR HD “Alt Angle Cam” Camera
  • GoPro Helmet / POV Camera
  • MOVI M5 Steady cam rig
  • HMI light kits
  • ARRI Light Kits
  • Senheiser Wireless Mic Kits
  • Matthews DC Slider / Jib Arm
  • Reflect Media Portable Greenscreen Studio











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…I just reviewed the 2006-2007 Ride for Kids visitation video and (Bclip) did a very good job in editing it. It will be a very good tool to help us reach our goals

Mark Muhlenfeld

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

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You fellows are absolute champions! Thank you so much. We really appreciate all you do. Call me if there’s anything you need.

Robert Morris

Sonny's Car Wash, Tamarac, FL

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