video for business

Help is on the way

If you’re rushing around buying toys for your tikes this holiday season you may be faced with one daunting little booklet – the instruction manual (cue scary music).  We all have first or second hand experience (cue dad swearing in the background) trying to get that gift ready that came with “some assembly required”.  But this year we’ve seen an evolution in the game.  And some of our clients are bringing this gauntlet for patience into the 21st century.

Bclip customers like Bravo Sports Products are creating video how-to’s that provide a very clear and easy to follow step by step demonstration on how to assemble all sorts of things – from trampolines to electric scooters.  This is an exciting multimedia development in the retail market that allows consumers to view helpful instructional videos online – often on the very site where they purchased their item.

The production process is incredibly simple.  Clients ship us their product and we use their instruction manual to write an easy to follow script that explains how to assemble (or maintain) the product.  The end result is much more user friendly than the complex little book.  We can actually show viewers what parts look like and how to put them together.  And the videos can be translated into different languages to function for a global audience.

So this year as you’re struggling to work out which part is 3B and where exactly is slot J7, don’t worry.  Help is on the way!