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The Great Wall of NOLA

In October the Bclip Productions team assisted Shaw Global and the Army Corps of Engineers in filming a series of highly important training videos on the operation of the new levee system protecting the city of New Orleans.  These new videos will assist New Orleans personnel on emergency operations utilizing the newly constructed Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Surge Barrier.

We all remember the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  What forced the levees to give way was a surge of water entering the confluence of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.  The waters overtopped and collapsed a 4,000-foot section of floodwall along the Industrial Canal.  This caused widespread flooding in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

Bclip was preparing to open our first Louisiana office at that time in the city of New Orleans.  The property we had identified for our corporate headquarters flooded – pushing our move back by over a year and altering the course of our company.  We ultimately opened a smaller office in Baton Rouge where we are today.

Following Hurricane Katrina, an Interagency Performance Evaluation Task Force (IPET) was convened to find scientific and engineering answers to questions regarding the functioning of the New Orleans levee system during the storm. According to the IPET report, Hurricane Katrina caused four levee breaches, three due to overtopping and one due to foundation failure.

Newer and better solutions were needed to protect New Orleans and the surrounding areas.  Shaw Global provided project management, design and construction services for the new two-mile surge barrier and three floodgates to block hurricane storm surges from entering the Industrial Canal.  Construction includes 1,271 concrete cylinder piles 66 inches in diameter, 144 feet long and driven to 130 feet.

The hand-off from Shaw Global to the US Coast Guard is at hand.  The videos we are producing will be used to train future operators on the proper maintenance and use of this new system.  As part of this process we spent long hours in classrooms with Shaw Global and Coast Guard personnel, and logged serious time on site where hands-on training was documented.

The editing of these videos will begin in earnest next month.  We are thankful for the opportunity, and humbled by the responsibility.  Bclip Productions is very proud to play a small role in the protection of one of American’s greatest cities. Who Dat!