Bclip Digital is Different.

For over 17 years, we’ve celebrated the art of storytelling. Great video is memorable, inviting, and shares insight about you and your venture like no other medium.

We firmly believe that all of the advertising and data intelligence in the industry won’t perform without quality creative. We also believe that no video investment should be left to wilt on your YouTube channel or the deep, dark depths of your Facebook news feed 2 years ago (you guilty?).

This is why we’re raising the bar for the traditional online marketing agency. By fusing our technical marketing talent (a.k.a. data nerds) with our passion for professional video (a.k.a. film geeks) in the online ad space, we’re bringing together teams that are historically found working apart.

So here’s our pitch: Don’t let your video investment go to waste. Don’t run ads with stock photos and generic call outs. Don’t just advertise…

Sell. Train. Entertain.


Here’s a bright idea: No over-the-top marketing buzzwords and dizzying concepts; just great video and intelligent campaign management.

Ready for better digital marketing? Let’s do this.

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