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DVD and ROM Authoring

Creating a video is only a portion of your project. Video delivery can often be more important than the video itself. CD and DVD-ROMs get people involved. Whether your product is video, slide shows, pictures, or presentations, CD/DVD’s engage your clients and employees with a lasting message. CD’s are used for many purposes in the work place – training, marketing, and recruitment are a few. They can be as straightforward as a means to distribute your video by mail, or as complex as a complete training program with automated testing. CD/DVD’s are more cost-effective than brochures because they are updateable, they link to timely information, they’re less expensive to produce, and they engage your audience with the power of sight and sound. A CD/DVD is more likely to get the attention of the target user than print media. All of these factors add up to a higher return on investment for your marketing dollars.


Over the past couple of years I have been working with Bclip productions in order to promote our conference center, camp, environmental education center and adventure-based learning program. The high-quality videos that Bclip produced for us, which are on our website, have made it very convenient for all of our potential customers to view our facility and all its activities. This convenience has resulted in a steady increase in our business.

Brenda B Chatney

Lake Logan Episcopal Center, Canton, NC

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I want to send my personal thanks to all of you, Ryan, Chris, and Michael, for the way you worked with us in filming at our Launch Meeting last week. There is always the potential that filming takes center stage and disrupts an event

Terry Comer

American Biosurgical

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