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DVD and ROM Authoring

Creating a video is only a portion of your project. Video delivery can often be more important than the video itself. CD and DVD-ROMs get people involved. Whether your product is video, slide shows, pictures, or presentations, CD/DVD’s engage your clients and employees with a lasting message. CD’s are used for many purposes in the work place – training, marketing, and recruitment are a few. They can be as straightforward as a means to distribute your video by mail, or as complex as a complete training program with automated testing. CD/DVD’s are more cost-effective than brochures because they are updateable, they link to timely information, they’re less expensive to produce, and they engage your audience with the power of sight and sound. A CD/DVD is more likely to get the attention of the target user than print media. All of these factors add up to a higher return on investment for your marketing dollars.


Just got done viewing, excellent!!! I especially like when [S.B.] mentioned me by name. I’m a star!!

Mark Curtis

Make a Wish Foundation

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You fellows are absolute champions! Thank you so much. We really appreciate all you do. Call me if there’s anything you need.

Robert Morris

Sonny's Car Wash, Tamarac, FL

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