Tristar Products

Client Profile

Tristar Products, Inc. is the recognized pioneer of taking innovative ideas and turning them into branded world wide distributed products. Dedication to high standards of quality manufacturing makes Tristar Products an internationally respected infomercial market leader.  With well established brands, proven international and domestic distribution channels, media power in over 100 countries, the best team in the industry and quality manufacturing that attracts celebrity endorsements, Tristar Products Inc. has exceeded over a billion dollars in sales.




With the Clear TV Key Tristar had a product that would allow customers to access their favorite television networks from practically anywhere with no subscription.  The problem was that “practically anywhere” is a lot of places.  And showcasing the breadth and scope that comes with that distinction was a dramatic undertaking.  And one that had to be done quickly to get the product to market.


From an RV in the mountains, to a ship off the coast, to a hot air balloon high in the sky, we took on the challenge of conveying the extreme performance of the Clear TV Key.  We also portrayed more traditional uses of the product, filming talent using it in a variety of home settings, and picking up testimonials from satisfied users.  We then edited both international and domestic versions of the ad, incorporating motion graphics and 3D animation, and delivered the spots for broadcast and online use.

The Bclip Advantage

  • Creative planning for extreme demonstrations
  • Understanding of direct response marketing
  • Keyframing visuals in post production