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With production offices in Louisiana, Florida and North Carolina, we specialize in helping our clients tell their stories. For over a decade we have provided creative HD video production for a wide variety of domestic and international clients that include government, industrial, corporate, consumer products, medical, non-profit, grocery and education.As you explore our site you will find an incredibly diverse collection of projects that range from television commercials, training videos, persuasive documentary style films, infomercials and public awareness campaigns. Regardless of the subject matter, we bring a highly organized and creative workflow to the video production process. Take a look around and discover why we believe that video is the most effective, most compelling way to tell your story.

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it’s much more than video

When we say, “multimedia for business,” it means that we bring a huge variety of options to the table for you and your project.  Not only can we create an idea, write the story, issue the press relase, take the product photos, design the package, and produce the video, we can also bolster your brand and your message in many different formats.  From web videos, DVD-ROM, Blue Ray, digital signs and touch screen kiosk,  our talented team of experts can turn a one-dimensional project into a multi-faceted gem of marketing, training, sales or PR.  Explore further and find out how


Just found out the video was directly responsible for getting us a $30,000 grant to do our environmental work. Just thought the folks at Bclip, especially Mike who I know did some volunteer overtime on it, should know that their video continues to do good work out there in the world, and has received many kudos.

Joshua Martin

Environmental Paper Network

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I cannot thank you guys enough.  We have installed the video on a 42 inch touch screen monitor.  The 1080p version looks awesome!  Everyone LOVES it.  Very impressive.  Thanks!

Bobby J. Padgett Jr.

GE Lighting Solutions

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