Video Production Services

At Bclip Productions, we’ve been crafting professional video for businesses for over 17 years across 30+ states and 5 countries, launching out from our headquarters in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC.

Our team specializes in every aspect of creating great video, starting with professional producers, executing with videographers armed with the best technology in the business, and storytelling by creative editors.

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We produce a wide range of video types to deploy in many aspects of business. Whether your needs circle local business, retail products, B2B, ecommerce, internal training, nonprofit organizations, special events, and so much more, we have the portfolio and know-how to work with your budget and unique vision.


At Bclip, our 3-step production process takes your project from start to finish in an organized, streamlined fashion. It’s a proven workflow that has produced thousands of quality videos for hundreds of clients.


Post production is the culmination of the entire creative operation. It’s here that our award-winning editors balance pacing, energy, aesthetics, and information to make something that is compelling, memorable, and effective for your business.


Color correction is one of the final steps of the post production process.  Our team makes the picture pop off the screen by custom-tailoring vibrancy, saturation, brightness, contrast, and a dozen other components.


What you see is only half of the equation when it comes to video.  Some of the best and most engaging videos are inevitably improved by professional sound design.  This is everything you hear when experiencing a video. 


Our team puts their skills to work through product photography, scenic photography, food photography, portrait photography, and more.  All backed by a post production team working to make that perfect picture that much better.


3D animation is a powerful tool for explaining that which you cannot see, and showcasing that which does not exist. We create custom 3D artwork to animate logos and characters and partner with clients to bring things like CAD files to life for complex machinery.


In the United States all commercial drone pilots must undergo a rigorous certification process by the FAA.  Our professional, certified pilots are cinematographers first – specializing in getting gorgeous 4K video footage and still photos that will take your project to new heights. 


Live, in-person events are tremendous investments for your business.  They should also be made available to live-stream to those who are not capable of attending in-person. From a board room to a concert hall, Bclip can help you share it so that the event can live on.


We’ve been producing educational and entertaining training pieces for businesses for more than 20 years. From online courses to complex workplace trainings, Bclip delivers just what you’re looking for.

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Virtual reality is here and at Bclip, we help our clients put it to work for a variety of applications.  Whether it’s providing an immersive experience for destination properties or providing point-of-view training for industrial clients, our ability to incorporate dynamic graphics and meaningful messages make this content unique and memorable.


We live in a digital world where digital advertising is the number 1 way to reach your online viewers.  At Bclip we specialize in creating memorable content for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  Our digital media campaigns build on a central concept and allow our customers to generate multiple impressions with engaging videos that yield high click-through rates. 

Receive a quote on your project within 48 hours.

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