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Audio Production

Whether we are producing a radio commercial, interviewing a CEO, or composing an original music track, we at Bclip bring a keen ear to audio production. We record custom voice over narration tracks to compliment our videos in our own soundproof booth. We employ talented musicians and work with skilled composers to find that perfect sound. And we own a vast library of music that we own the rights to and share with our clients. Audio is that hidden layer of production that makes a good video a great video. And we strive for greatness with every project we produce.


Bubba, Can’t say enough about you and your employees and how professional and friendly you all were. I am really looking forward to seeing final videos. Based on a few pictures I have seen of event you guys should have gotten some great video of the burns. Thank you again for all your help!

Joshua Martin

Environmental Paper Network

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I want to send my personal thanks to all of you, Ryan, Chris, and Michael, for the way you worked with us in filming at our Launch Meeting last week. There is always the potential that filming takes center stage and disrupts an event

Terry Comer

American Biosurgical

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