Bernadette Di Blasio

office manager

numbers gal. snacks. smiley faces.

Bernadette was born in the desert, and raised at the beach. Because of this, she keeps her office at approximately 75 degrees, year-round. Though she studied professional writing and graphic design in college, she works with numbers now. As our office manager, she maintains the general ledger, and keeps track of our daily expenses and transactions. A proud wearer of multiple hats, she’s also responsible for our social media and web presence. When she’s not staring at a spreadsheet, she’s probably at home, rearranging her vintage furniture or playing video games.

Fun Facts:

Bernadette once cared deeply about wine! She went so far as to become a certified, advanced sommelier. In a past life, she worked in wine sales throughout Philadelphia. Nowadays, she cares way less and tries to enjoy whatever the menu has to offer. She has officially stopped searching for ‘the perfect table wine’.