Chris Bainbridge

creative director

writer.  idea machine.  eye of the hurricane.

Chris has a lifelong passion for storytelling. From writing his first book at age 6, to earning his MA in journalism at age 25, to captaining the Bclip creative team at age… well, we’ll leave that one alone… he is ingrained with a love of the written and spoken word. As someone who has worked in all stages of the production process, Chris has the capacity to see projects from all angles. His greatest attributes are the abilities to calmly navigate complex situations, quickly create order from chaos, and produce engaging, memorable stories. Chris is married and has an amazing little girl.

Fun Facts:
Chris is a happy guy and loves making others happy too. He likes the big band and Rat Pack eras, and danced his way into his wife’s heart on the TLC show, “Perfect Proposal”. As an athlete turned theatre nerd, Chris cheers for all Chicago sports teams (Da Cubs! Da Bulls! Daaa Bears!), Furman and Nebraska football, Shakespeare, and pretty much anything his daughter does. Chris finds joy and peace hiking mountain trails, paddling glassy lakes, and cruising the Blue Ridge Parkway.