Mark Terwilliger

DP/ Videographer

shooter.  road warrior.  git r’ dun.

Cameraman, DP, Cinematographer, Videographer – that’s Mark. Tasked with capturing our amazing footage, he travels the country lining up the perfect shot. Mark is a US Commercial Drone certified pilot, an incredible carpenter, a Detroit Tigers fan, and an amateur astronomer. Mark is married to an awesome public servant, and the proud papa of the Bclip office mascot, Kepler.

Fun Facts
His first job was a summer job as an electrician’s apprentice and according to him he only managed to electrocute himself 4 times that summer. Ouch! You can find him hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains in his spare time while listening to Jason Isbell. He dreams of going into space one day, even if it’s just a low earth orbit. Well, let us know if that happens…