Video Production Services

At Bclip Productions, we’ve been crafting professional video for businesses for over 17 years across 30+ states and 5 countries, launching out from our headquarters in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC.

Our team specializes in every aspect of creating great video, starting with professional producers, executing with videographers armed with the best technology in the business, and storytelling by creative editors.

Receive a quote on your project within 48 hours.

We produce a wide range of video types to deploy in many aspects of business. Whether your needs circle local business, retail products, B2B, ecommerce, internal training, nonprofit organizations, special events, and so much more, we have the portfolio and know-how to work with your budget and unique vision.


Branding your business with a Bclip television broadcast ad helps define who you are to your customers and spur them to action.

Social Media

From Facebook and Instagram to YouTube pre-roll and LinkedIn, digital ads are the broadcast medium of today and the future.


Convincing creative that speaks to your audience paired with beautiful product filming is the key to debuting the next big thing.

Retail Products

As the retail market becomes more competitive, video production for your key products is more critical than ever. Make an impression on shoppers with compelling e-commerce videos right out of the gate.

Virtual Reality

With Bclip, virtual reality becomes a truly interactive experience.  We incorporate various layers of video and motion graphics into the scene to allow viewers not only to look around, but take action inside the video.

LMS Training & Tutorials

LMS stands for Learning Management System, and our online videos have helped thousands of people learn better, faster.  Here you can test and certify your viewers and hammer home key messages.

Trade Shows & Live Events

From giant TVs to tablets in-hand to VR goggles, trade shows and live events are the perfect places to showcase your video and capture your audience.

In-Store Screens

Whether customers are viewing your video on in-store screens, or launching videos directly from packaging via QR codes, videos at the point of sale offer immediate information and help close the deal.

Receive a quote on your project within 48 hours.

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