Custom engineered & built by Bclip, the Mobile Broadcasting Unit is our live streaming solution for your next in-person event. In just a matter of minutes, the unit is set up and contains everything needed for multi-camera live broadcasts.

Some of our gear looks big and impressive on set. Some of our gear is designed to fit into a backpack for that last-minute flight to who knows where. The Rhino Slider is definitely an improvement to our tools. Watch this video to learn more about it!


Some of the great tools that the crew at Bclip uses to produce fantastic videos include exciting new gear such as this new Light Cannon F-485 from Intellytech. Watch this video to learn more about it!


Our team is certified by FAA Part 107 for U.S. Commercial Drone Pilots, which means that we are licensed to fly UAS or UAVs to get the most effective and impactful aerial shots for your business. Here you can watch a short demo that combines some of the best videos captured with drone equipment.


The MOVI’s unique visual mobility achieves imagery that would usually require additional equipment, time, and effort. The MOVI is a huge leap forward, some call it a game-changer or a “Steadicam Killer.” From what we’ve seen they may be right. Watch this video. You be the judge.

Animation can be used for whatever point you want to make, and the ones we’ve made have certainly been varied. This is a short video explaining how we create motion graphic videos for business.

The Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC was undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation while simultaneously preparing to celebrate its 100 year anniversary. Along with their effort to showcase some of the new revitalized spaces and amenities (outdoor dining, coffee bar, bright new lobby), Grove Park also wanted to tip their cap to the inn’s heritage. We started with a classic music track, gave it a modern twist, and staged energetic visuals that offered a fun, upbeat look. This shoot benefited from long hours of location scouting, casting, scripting and storyboarding. This behind-the-scenes video shows how we work together as a team to film the ad.

At Bclip Productions, we are dedicated to expertly working with our clients to produce effective and impactful training videos. Most of our clients have little to no time to dedicate to producing any kind of training.  That’s where we come in.

When Mike Berlin and Michael McSwain went to NAB in 2012, they came back with a game-changer.  Watch our latest blog video and learn how the DC Slider is opening up new levels of production for our clients.

We make it easy & effective for you and your business, to produce videos that showcase your products on sites like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Home Depot. Leveraging 4K video footage, and custom motion graphics, we’re able to edit & highlight the best of what your products have to offer.