General Kinematics Client Profile

We’ve been working with GK for years, and in that time we’ve become an extension of their internal marketing team. We’ve traveled all over North America profiling their equipment at work. We’ve produced product videos, internal and external training videos, safety videos, and their facility orientation video – and many of the videos we produce for Gk are also delivered in multiple languages. What we love about working with GK is the level of industry expertise that we’ve grown into. We have to know their business inside and out because their business is our business. That relationship and level of understanding is what makes for the most successful videos.

The Bclip Advantage

  • Fearless an SAFE production on site
  • Travel ready crew
  • Arsenal of production gear
  • Pre interviews to plan ahead and nail the story
  • Edgy professional edit to convey brand toughness
  • Certified and prepared drone pilots