Gardner-Webb Client Profile

Our collaboration with Gardner-Webb University is a great showcase of our custom-tailored Video Annual Plan.

The annual plan involves a meticulous 12-month strategy, aligning video production and payment schedules to meet GWU’s diverse needs. We crafted engaging content for their “Dogs on the Run” campaign, showcasing the vibrant lifestyle around the campus. The athletic department benefited from dynamic and energizing videos, driving excitement and aiding in the recruitment of student-athletes. Additionally, our team produced department overview videos, offering prospective students insights into the 80+ academic majors and minors.

Gardner-Webb University also utilized our livestreaming capabilities to broadcast academic talk-backs and commencement ceremonies throughout the year. Our collaboration extends beyond a mere service provider-client relationship; we’ve become integral to shaping and fostering a vibrant culture at GWU. This ongoing relationship reflects our commitment to supporting their goals and creating a lasting impact on the university community.

The Bclip Advantage

  • Fearless an SAFE production on site
  • Travel ready crew
  • Arsenal of production gear
  • Pre interviews to plan ahead and nail the story
  • Edgy professional edit to convey brand toughness
  • Certified and prepared drone pilots