Hart tools Client Profile

Hart approached us with a basic concept of producing social media videos to showcase the new Hart brand. Videos that really showed off the new energy of the line, and the efficacy of the tools. We were given a list of home projects, a list of tools for those projects, and given the green light to hit the ground running. We jumped into pre-production with full force, scripting, storyboarding, casting, and scouting pretty much simultaneously. We filmed over the course of 4 days in a variety of locations – both at homes we’d scouted, and sets that we built. Then we came back to the ranch and handed it all off to our Post team who did a fantastic job of bringing this new brand to life.

The Bclip Advantage

  • Fearless an SAFE production on site
  • Travel ready crew
  • Arsenal of production gear
  • Pre interviews to plan ahead and nail the story
  • Edgy professional edit to convey brand toughness
  • Certified and prepared drone pilots