MECO Client Profile

We do a lot of different projects for MECO – from plant tours to 360 product photography… but one of the more interesting is what we call the Video Annual Plan.  What we do here is set up a schedule of videos at the beginning of the year for us to produce over the course of the next 12 months.  The videos range from recipe videos with the grill line, to instructional videos on furniture assembly, to marketing videos crafted for specific holidays and times of the year.  What this allows MECO to do is to schedule their content launch over the course of the year.  We create exclusive content for Walmart or Lowes, or generic content for use on Amazon or Social Media.  What’s great about working with MECO is that we really partner with them at the outset to determine a broad brand strategy for both brands.  We work together to work out what will be the best videos to serve their needs.

The Bclip Advantage

  • Fearless and SAFE production on site
  • Travel ready crew
  • Arsenal of production gear
  • Pre interviews to plan ahead and nail the story
  • Edgy professional edit to convey brand toughness
  • Certified and prepared drone pilots