Client Profile


As one of the world’s largest & most innovative power tool manufacturers, RYOBI specializes in making pro-featured power tools truly affordable. That’s why RYOBI is the brand of choice for millions of homeowners & value-conscious pro’s. They have built their reputation by manufacturing power tools that increase your purchasing power and expand your capabilities. Today, RYOBI Power Tools offers you more pro feature, affordable power tools than ever. Proudly available through The Home Depot.




The Ryobi Quiet Strike is an incredibly diverse pulse driver. That’s awesome. What’s tough is when you have to convey a diversity of uses and you have a day to film it. And you have to look like you’re doing a boatload of home improvement projects without actually “improving” someone’s home (folks tend to not enjoy holes in their walls). And Ryobi needed the video yesterday. No problem.  


Within an hour of learning about the job we cast two local actors and found a local newly finished home without tenants.  We coordinated our shoot day for 4 different home improvement projects.  We took apart the deck and rebuilt it.  We put up shelving, then spackled and re-painted the walls.  We took down shutters, then put them back up again.  Instant project house.  Throw in a killer edit, smokin graphics, and great sound design, and you’ve got yourself a video.

The Bclip Advantage

  • Fast-track logistical planning
  • Motion graphics to compliment video
  • Diversity of locations from single home