Omni Hotels and Resorts Customer Profile

We first started working with Omni here in Asheville, producing videos for the Omni Grove Park Inn. And that relationship soon grew in a very interesting way. You see, while we are a video production company – a big part of that is always going to be the audio. And while we continued to work with Omni while filming, we soon found ourselves getting a tryout to do their radio ads. See, they do a lot of marketing through companies like Pandora and Spotify, and they needed a company that would be able to take existing creative and insert new offers that worked at different times of the year. So now about once a month our partners at Omni send in a new request. We bring in voice-over talent into the recording booth and knock out several new radio ads at once. It’s always fun hearing about the great new deals coming up in California, New Hampshire, Mexico… and allow ourselves to take a little 30-second mental vacation.

The Bclip Advantage

  • Ability to act fast and exceed expectations.
  • Travel ready crew.
  • Arsenal of production gear.
  • Pre interviews to plan ahead and nail the profile.
  • Certified and prepared drone pilots.